Partner with us

Manton Park offers a unique service of racehorse ownership and investment.


Manton Park is the ultimate training retreat which enables thoroughbred racehorses to achieve their maximum potential. In addition to the independent owners that we encourage, we are also keen to develop partnerships and racing arrangements with our worldwide clients. Our racing activities are truly international with runners throughout the world.


We offer a joint investment opportunity from the purchase of yearlings in the Autumn sales and 2 year old breeze ups. As an example, Manton Park would invest on a 50/50 basis on the selected purchase and would then also provide an all-inclusive training package throughout the horse’s 2 / 3 year career. We would also be delighted to discuss any individual requirements that you may have. Manton Park team believe that mutual trust, enjoyment and excitement are central for a successful partnership and we hope to provide all three at every stage of the process.


We will continue to encourage breeders to partner with us in an exciting programme to secure top quality broodmares and stallions. As experience has taught us, knowing the progeny from an early age is the key to tailoring the most successful training programme possible for each individual horse.